CONTI+ oXan Prime | Cloakroom Solutions
CONTI+ | Cloakroom Solutions

Available Sizes:

  • 20 lt Bag in Box – Ref: CONB94200020
  • 640 lt IBC – Ref: CONB94300500
  • 1000 lt IBC – Ref: CONB94301000

CONTI+ oXan™ Prime Disinfectant

CONTI+ oXan™ Prime for disinfection of pool filters.

Residue-free removal microbiological contamination effective against bacteria, fungicide spurs, virus, algae.

Benefits of CONTI+ oXan™ Prime disinfection

  • pH neutral ready for use concentrate with depot effect
  • No bacterial resistance
  • Pollutant-free and free of dangerous substances
  • Free of solvents, alcohols, aldehydes and fragrances
  • No cytotoxicity (cell or tissue damage)
  • No phytotoxicity (plant damage)
  • Compatible with eyes, skin and mucous membranes

Use biocide safe. Before use always read labelling and product information.

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