Wall & Wardrobe Rails

Wall and wardrobe rails made from extruded aluminium profiles finished to the highest standards. With length, hook and hanger options available and the ability to include matching issue tags and hold the hangers captive.

View our wall and wardrobe rails below or contact us for further information.

WG240 Wardrobe rail and shelf | Cloakroom Solutions
WG240 Wardrobe Rail | Shelf
R.8235 Wardrobe Rail | Cloakroom Solutions
R.8235 Wardrobe Rail
R8231 Wardrobe rail and shelf | Cloakroom Solutions
Wardrobe Rail | Shelf
W40 Wardrobe Rail | Cloakroom Solutions
W40 Wardrobe Rail
R8114.70x28 wardrobe rail | Cloakroom Solutions
R8114.70x28 Wardrobe Rail
Umbrella Rack | Cloakroom Solutions
Umbrella Racks