Coat Hanging Storage Systems for Cloakrooms

Coat Hanging Storage Systems

Cloakroom Solutions offer a range of high quality, beautifully made coat hanging storage systems, with options for matching issue tags and captive coat hangers.

Coat hanging storage is an excellent way to keep your workplace clean and ordered and improve the appearance of your workspace for any visitors or clients. Cloakroom Solutions creates a variety of high-quality, beautifully made coat-hanging facilities for all workplace environments, from storage coat hangers and stands to free-standing rails. We also have matching issue tags and captive coat-hanger options for your coat-hanging system.

Please see the list of coat-hanging storage options below.

Our Coat Hanging Solutions

Hat and Coat Stands

Made from the highest quality materials, we stock a selection of stands with hook options suitable for holding coats and hats as well as umbrella rack options. Choices include our freestanding PHOS Helix 10 Coat Stand and our L-shaped PHOS GL3 Coat Stand.

Commercial Coat Hangers

Our metal storage coat hangers are made from superior robust materials and are suitable for use in a range of commercial settings. Options include our closed HM1 Coat Hanger and our 360-degree rotating PHOS KB1 Coat Hanger.

Cloakroom Rails

Our rails can be customised to different lengths where needed and include different hook and hanger layout options. Choices include GSRN Wardrobe Rail for recess mounting and R.8235 Wardrobe Rail.

Coat Hook Rails

Each hook rail is uniquely designed with the highest quality materials. Options include our PHOS HL Coat Hook Rails with canonical hooks and our WG55S Coat Hook Rail.

Wall Mounted Coat Hooks & Bathroom Towel Hooks

Perfect for use in leisure clubs, health spas, and gyms. Options include our Cool Line CL-199 Coat Hook with rubber doorstop and Cool Line CL-202 Flannel Hook.

Free Standing Coat Racks & Clothing Rails

Free-standing coat racks are not affixed to walls and come in variable lengths and heights. Options include our FS70 Free Standing Coat Hanger Rail and our FS7092 Floor to Wall Coat Hook Rail Range.

Mobile Coat Racks

Available in a variety of sizes and storage configurations, mobile coat racks can suit any cloakroom requirement. Options include our wheeled PHOS GW1 Mobile Coat Rail and our RG70LR Mobile Coat Hook & Bag Rack.

Space Saving Coat Racks

If space is limited, these coat rack options can create additional storage ideas when needed. Options include our KG240 Folding Coat Rack and our SG Swivel Coat Rack.

Umbrella Racks & Stands

Our robust umbrella racks and stands come in wall-mounted, free-standing, and mobile variations. Options include our R.8301 Wall Mounted Umbrella Rack and our R.8303 Free Standing Umbrella Rack.

Wall Mounted Coat Racks

Our high-quality mounted coat racks include PHOS G4 Coat Rail and our WG240 Wardrobe Rail & Shelf.

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