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The design and layout of a cloakroom, although perhaps a trivial element in the overall scheme of a building can have a very real impact on the customer experience.

We’ve all thought about just putting our coat over the back of the chair when visiting the theatre or restaurant, just because we really can’t be bothered to que up to check it in…

Now imagine you have a venue of 500+ visitors in December, all of whom need to store their coats and in some cases bags or umbrellas. So to enable you to accept these as quickly and efficiently as possible will be a very important part of the run up to the start of a successful event.

Whilst designing cloakrooms over the past 20 years, the most common challenge for us has been to get the maximum capacity from the smallest of spaces. These requests have varied from the slightly challenging to the wildly unrealistic expectation of what can be crammed into a space, while maintaining a degree of functionality.

Overall our preference would always be for hangers located at approximately 70mm apart, which gives enough space for coats to be easily hung and removed without being crammed in between each other. This not only looks after the coat, but also makes the job of the attendant easier.

More often than not however, to achieve a target capacity, we find that a blend of coat hangers and double or quadruple hooks will be required. The hangers being preferred to serve the normal day to day use, with the hooks filling in during busier times.

A blend of double & single tiers of rail also allows us to maximise use of the space. For the most part using double tier for standard length coats with single tier space for longer garments.

Space consideration should also be given to the counter size allowing multiple attendants to accept or dispense garments, whilst isle space between rails is wide enough for the attendants to pass each other during service.

Cloakroom Design | Cloakroom Solutions

In addition to coat rails, there is usually a requirement for bags and umbrellas. Umbrellas being the easiest to accommodate, with either a wall or rail mounted rack & drip tray, or with standard bin profiles mounted to the end of rails.

Racking to accommodate smaller cases and bags in compartmented shelves is also a solution with larger flight cases usually on lower-level shelving or below counter space.

Cloakroom Numbering & Issue Tags | Cloakroom Solutions
Fixed position hangers with numbering & issue tags
Cloakroom Numbering & Issue Tags | Cloakroom Solutions
Quadruple hooks with numbering & issue tags

Once the layout has been finalised, a clear numbering system is essential. This needs to be clearly defined to ensure the attendants can intuitively find their way quickly to any point within the cloakroom. Enabling a speedy return of the customers coat and onto the next.

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