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It is crucial that you have a safe and secure cloak and storage facilities when you are running a hotel. Cloakrooms ensure the safety of all guest and staff belongings, which in turn helps to maintain the reputation of the business. This is why we at Cloakroom Solutions can design storage areas perfect for any hotel setting. We can create cloakrooms that allow you to store any items and quickly retrieve them when needed. In addition, each coat hanging facility is designed to match the requirements of your hotel. Find out more about our solutions below.

Our Work

Our Cloakroom Options:

We have a wide range of cloakroom fittings that are perfect for hotels. Choose from a range of systems including wall mounted, freestanding systems, fixed floor, and mobile hanging systems. We use only the best materials in our designs to ensure strength and durability. View our innovative coat hanging options for your cloakroom.

Coat Hanging


Bespoke Cloakroom Design:

Every hotel is different, and each cloakroom needs to fit the specific needs of both staff and guests. Our expert team will work alongside you to design cloakrooms that will meet your storage demands. We aim to use space as efficiently as possible while ensuring there is enough for storage and traffic flow. You can learn more about our custom designs here.

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Washroom Solutions:

At Cloakroom Solutions we also offer a range of excellent washroom accessories. All washroom products are designed to fit the needs of guests and staff, and so our designs will improve the appearance and functionality of your bathroom spaces. To learn more about our quality washroom products, take a look at our selection here.


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The Process:

  1. Get in touch with us directly by filling in a customer enquiry form on our website. If the cloakroom or washroom facilities are part of a greater project, your architect can contact us on your behalf.
  2. Once you have made contact, we will get back to you to discuss all options and any requirements you need.
  3. We will talk through all features and details of your desired cloakroom to ensure you are happy to proceed.
  4. Once you have agreed, we will offer you the final proposed design and quotation for your cloakroom.
  5. Installation and fitting usually last up to six weeks, although for some room sizes and fittings, this may take longer.
  6. Installation is carried out by others following the simple installation instructions provided
  7. When the installation is complete, we invite you to give us any feedback for our website or case studies, and in turn we can link back to your hotel site or the architect’s.
  8. Make the most of your new cloakroom.

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