Commercial Coat Hangers for Cloakroom Systems UK

Commercial Coat Hangers

Robust & modern metal coat hanger to keep clothes safely stored. Our Commercial coat hangers feature superior build quality for prolonged and robust use in commercial settings such as events, health clubs, museums and more.

We have a wide selection of commercial coat hangers for all your storage needs. Our commercial coat hangers are made from superior quality materials that not only look sleek and modern but also add strength and durability. With our range of commercial coat hangers, you can safely store clothes in any storage capacity, whether it be for events & conferences, theatre & arts, hotels and more.

Take a look at our selection of commercial coat hangers below.

HM1 Coat Hanger

Our HM1 range of commercial coat hangers features a closed design and is used with the fixed position carriers on our RG, FS and WG coat hanging range. Each hanger is made from chrome finish steel and is designed for consistent garment spacing to prevent crushing in high-use storage areas. Optional issue tags are also available. See our HM1 coat hangers here.

PHOS KB1 Coat Hanger

The KB1 coat hanger features a 360-degree rotating mechanism that allows you to adjust the hook to face any direction. These hangers are made from solid, hand-polished stainless steel in a brushed matt finish. KB1 hangers are also designed to match hooks and wardrobe rails from PHOS. See our KB1 coat hangers.

PHOS KB1G Coat Hanger

The KB1G coat hanger includes a closed-eye hook for effective anti-theft protection plus an adjustable 360-degree rotating hook mechanism. Each hanger features hand-polished solid stainless steel with a brushed matt finish. KB1G hangers are also designed to match the finish of hooks and wardrobe rails from the PHOS range. See our KB1G coat hangers.

PHOS KB1H Coat Hanger

Our range of KB1H commercial coat hangers from PHOS features both an adjustable 360 degree rotating hook mechanism and an additional trouser bar. With a brushed matt finish, each hanger is made of hand polished solid stainless steel. Hangers from the KB1H range are also designed to match PHOS hooks and wardrobe rails. Check out our KB1H coat hangers.

PHOS KB1HG Coat Hanger

The KB1HG hanger combines the anti-theft hook from the KB1G with the trouser bar from the KB1H, along with a 360-degree rotating mechanism. The hanger also includes a brushed matt finish and is made from hand-polished solid stainless steel. Each hanger matches with hooks and wardrobe rails in the PHOS range. See our KB1HG coat hangers.

PHOS KB2 Coat Hanger

Our KB2 coat hangers are made from a single piece of bent solid stainless steel and feature a satin finish. See our PHOS KB2 range of coat hangers.

Cloakroom Solutions

We supply bespoke cloakroom solutions for a range of clients and industries. Our products can be purchased online or you can contact our team to arrange a bespoke solution. If you’re looking for a bulk price then add products to your enquiry list which will then be submitted to us for quoting. To find out more about our range of commercial coat hangers and other products contact us today.






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