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Cloakroom Rails

Our wardrobe cloakroom rails can be customised with different length, hook and hanger options available and the ability to include matching issue tags and hold the hangers captive. Ideal for wardrobe interiors or recessed alcoves.

Our range of cloakroom rails is suitable for any wardrobe interior and recessed alcove. We also offer hanging rails that can be fully customised and built to any length, hook, or hanger option you need. You can also choose to include matching issue tags for holding hangers in place when you purchase our wardrobe hanging rail system.

Take a look at our selection of cloakroom rails below.


GSRN Wardrobe Rail

Our GSRN Wardrobe Rail selection is designed for recess mounting with concealed fixings – perfect for maximising and make use of space already there. Each rail features two wall brackets WL20 for hassle-free installation and is made from solid stainless steel with a hand-ground silky matt finish. Browse our range of GSRN Wardrobe Rails.

GSUN18 Wardrobe Rail

The PHOS GSUN18 Wardrobe Rail selection is perfect for recess mounting on glass or wooden shelving. Each rail is made from solid stainless steel that is hand-ground to a silky matt finish and is available in bespoke lengths upon request. Find out more about our GSUN18 Wardrobe Rails and how these are an excellent option to make use of recesses within your building.

R.8231 Wardrobe Rail & Shelf

The R.8231 Wardrobe Rail & Shelf is made for end fixing to wardrobe and/or aperture spaces and includes hangers mounted on individually spaced carriers. The addition of the shelf means items such as briefcases, luggage and other items can be placed with the coats and hanging items. The rail and mounts feature a silver or black anodised finish while the supplied hangers are made from chrome-plated steel meaning they’re hard-wearing and strong. Learn more about our R.8231 Wardrobe Rail & Shelf range.

R.8235 Wardrobe Rail

The R.8235 Wardrobe Rail fixes to the underside of your existing wardrobe shelf or ceiling and features hangers with individually spaced carriers. The rail features a slim profile and is made from an aluminium finish while the hangers are made from chrome-plated solid steel. Check out our range of R.8235 Wardrobe Rails now.

W40 Wardrobe Rail

The W40 Wardrobe Rail includes a 40 mm size carrier profile with concealed end fixings offering a flawless finish. Also with mounted hangers on individually spaced carriers. The rail and mounts are made from anodised silver while the hangers feature chrome plating. Take a look at our W40 Wardrobe Rail selection to find the right wardrobe rail for you.

WG240 Wardrobe Rail & Shelf

Our WG240 Wardrobe Rail & Shelf range comes with coat hooks and mounted hangers with individually spaced carriers. The shelf profile and hooks come with a silver anodised finish, and the hangers are finished in polished chrome. Learn more about our WG240 Wardrobe Rail & Shelf range.

Cloakroom Solutions

At Cloakroom Designs, we create bespoke storage solutions for a wide range of commercial installations and work closely with architects and interior designers to create the perfect solution for hotels, gyms, clubs and more, see the different cloakroom sectors we work with. Take a look at our online store for more of our coat hanging products or get in touch with us to find out more.

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