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Office Cloakrooms

Keep the office clear and tidy while keeping employees’ possessions safe and secure

One of the best ways to keep your office clean and orderly is with the right coat hanging and storage facilities. Cloakrooms can help keep your office well organised, which in turn helps to improve the morale and productivity of you and your employees. They can also streamline the look of your office for any visitors or clients. Here at Cloakroom Solutions, we create a range of coat hanging and storage facilities suitable for all office spaces. Our coat hanging options will allow you to easily store away any garments and retrieve them quickly when needed. Plus, we can create unique custom designs to meet the needs of your workplace. Please take a look at some of our office cloakroom solutions below.

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Our Cloakroom Options:

We offer a variety of coat hanging systems for office spaces. From wall mounted to free standing systems, fixed floor systems to mobile coat hanging systems, we can create anything you need. We can even devise space saving solutions like coat hooks and umbrella stands. All of our solutions are made to the highest quality using solid and durable materials. We can also include matching issue tags and captive coat hangers with your chosen system to match.

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Bespoke Cloakroom Design:

Not every office is the same, and your cloakroom should fit in with your workplace. Here at Cloakroom Solutions, our team will work with you to create a cloakroom design that matches the requirements of your office. We aim to work within the capacity available to find a solution that maximises space while also aiding efficiency and full traffic flow. We can also include additional numbering systems for easy storage and retrieval, plus spaced hooks and hangers for coats. We can create a truly bespoke coat hanging solution for your office.

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Washroom Solutions:

In addition to our coat hanging and storage facilities, we also supply high quality washroom products and accessories. Our washroom features come in a variety of styles and finishes that can suit any working environment. We offer sensor operated taps, soap dispensers, hand dryers and more. All our products are designed to add functionality and efficiency to your washroom with both flair and style.


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How To Create Your New Cloakroom:

  1. You can contact us directly through a customer enquiry form on our website. Alternatively, you or your architect can get in touch with us if it is part of a more comprehensive design scheme.
  2. We will respond to your enquiry to discuss options, designs, capacity needs and budget.
  3. We are happy to go through the details of the cloakroom to ensure you are satisfied going forward.
  4. We will then offer you the final proposal and quotation for your sign off.
  5. Lead times are generally between five and six weeks. However, this may vary depending on the size of the cloakroom and what products are included.
  6. Installation is carried out by others following the simple installation instructions provided
  7. Once complete, feel free to provide any feedback that we can include on our website or as a case study. We can also offer a link back to your website or a link to the architect’s site if applicable.
  8. Enjoy the benefits of your new cloakroom facilities.

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