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Conference & Exhibition Sector

Exhibition & Conference Cloakrooms keep visitors possessions safe

The Exhibition & Conference sector often require larger cloakroom facilities in various areas to take visitor’s coats and bags on arrival. Cloakrooms allow individuals to store their belongings safely while attending the event. Here at Cloakroom Solutions, our commitment to first rate products and design ensures the best coat storage facilities for any conference or exhibition environment. Our planners will ensure there is enough circulation space for cloakroom attendants to work efficiently and engraved numbering with corresponding issue tags also enables attendants to identify items quickly, reducing the time visitors spend depositing or retrieving their belongings.

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Our Work

Our Cloakroom Options:

We can provide a variety of cloakroom options that are ideal for conference & exhibition venues. Choose from wall mounted, free standing, fixed floor, and mobile hanging systems. We exclusively employ the best materials in our designs to ensure strength and durability. Discover our full range of coat hanging solutions or contact us today and we can guide you through the process.

Coat Hanging


Bespoke Cloakroom Design:

Every event venue has its individual challenges. Thus, each cloakroom must be customised to meet specific needs. Our design team will collaborate with you to create a cloakroom that meets your exact storage needs. We want to make the most of your space while achieving maximum storage and traffic flow. Take a look at our unique designs for bespoke cloakrooms or contact us today.

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Washroom Solutions:

At Cloakroom Solutions we also have a variety of fantastic bathroom solutions. All washroom supplies are made to meet visitor and employees’ specific requirements, and our washroom accessories will enhance the aesthetics and functionality of your restrooms. Take a look at our assortment here to discover more about our high-quality washroom accessories.


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How To Create Your New Cloakroom:

  1. Fill out a customer inquiry form on our website to contact us directly. Your architect can contact us on your behalf if the cloakroom or washroom facilities are part of a larger project.
  2. We will call you as soon as possible to discuss any options or requirements you may have in mind.
  3. We’ll go over all of the features and specifics of your chosen cloakroom with you to make sure that you’re confident moving forward.
  4. We will present you with the final planned design and quotation for your cloakroom once you have decided to proceed.
  5. Manufacture can take up to six weeks, though it may take longer depending on the size of the space and the type of fittings.
  6. Installation is carried out by others following the simple installation instructions provided.
  7. We invite you to provide any feedback for our website or case studies when the installation is complete. As a result, if necessary, we can connect back to your school’s website or the architect’s website.
  8. Use your new cloakroom to its full potential.

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