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CONTI+ | Cloakroom Solutions

Available Sizes:

  • 100ml Spray – Ref: CONB92100100
  • 500ml Spray – Ref: CONB92100500
  • 10 lt Bag in Box – Ref: CONB92200010

CONTI+ oXan™ Clean Disinfectant

CONTI+ oXan™ Clean enables professional disinfection of:

  • Hands by simply applying and rubbing in.
  • Surfaces, Tools & equipment by spraying.

All of the oXan™ range tested independently to kill 99.99% bacteria, virus, germs & pathogens.


The spray bottles allow you to clean and disinfect surfaces very easily.

In addition, CONTI+ oXan™ Clean can also be used for hand sanitiser dispensers. Which can be filled from the concentrated 10L bag in box – when mixed with distilled water creates 50L of solution.

With CONTI+ oXan™ Clean, all components for drinking water systems can be disinfected directly during installation – simply by spraying, with no need to wipe afterwards. At the same time, all work and storage surfaces of parts and components for the drinking water installation can be disinfected before and during construction of the system, in order to prevent subsequent contact contamination.

By disinfecting work and storage surfaces during the production of sanitary fittings, we additionally protect drinking water and prevent the transfer of bacteria and viruses.

Benefits of CONTI+ oXan™ Clean disinfection

  • Bactericidal, fungicidal, virucidal, sporicidal and algicidal properties
  • pH neutral
  • Prevention of germ multiplication
  • Hazardous substance-free surface disinfection
  • Prevention of contact contamination
  • Suitability for use in drinking water installations
  • Residue-free elimination of germs and bacteria
  • Free of solvents, alcohols, aldehydes, dyes and fragrances
  • No toxicity to mucous membranes or eyes
  • No cytotoxicity (cell or tissue damage)
  • No phytotoxicity (plant damage)
  • Substitute product for disinfectants with hazardous substance labels
  • Sustainable production from water and salt – broken back down into water and salt

Use biocide safe. Before use always read labelling and product information.

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