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Timeless and elegant in design. Revolutionary in function and effects. Senso makes the washing place an eye-catcher. And pure wellness of hand washing. As the first faucet of its kind Senso communicates with the user. Sensor controlled it greets you by lighting up and as you pass by gets gradually dimming. Contactless begins a subtle trickle of water rains which down and brightens when hands approach the tap. 

A cast of sparkling water pearls. The red and blue illuminated side buttons make even the temperature setting for the intuitive user an experience. Innovative. Technically perfect. Pure design. And ecologically exemplary: The non-contact automatic function and through the economical jet with only four litres per minute reduces Senso water consumption by around 70 percent. The next generation of sensor tap.

Innovative hygiene functions make the faucet the perfect solution for any environment or application.

CONTI+ Sensor Sensor Tap | Cloakroom Solutions
CONTI+ Sensor Sensor Tap | Cloakroom Solutions

Senso is the perfect choice where elegance and a required functionality is desired.

Comes with its minimalist design and its unique effects, the faucet the same as a sculpture. An eye-catcher for the washing place, which is what we all want – not just the ordinary. Whether in hotels, restaurants, offices, museums, theaters and opera houses, or simply at home.

An exceptionally good shape Senso even with the use of multiple faucets side by side or as part of lighting concepts. For example, in a slightly darkened ambience that matches the light of jet and buttons it becomes even more prominent.

The design is emerged collaboration with pearl creative and was in 2010 decorated with the Red Dot Design Award. On aesthetics, functionality and ease of use it also received high acclaim.



  • Modular single-piece design with with small external mixer unit on angle valve
  • Housing made of brass, chrome-plated
  • Reliable solenoid valve (minimal level of water pressure surge)
  • Water supply connection with flexible high-pressure hoses (cold water + tap, mixer directly to angle valve)
  • Adjustable temperature tap
  • Comfort water-saving by sensitive raindrop-aerator
  • Light use through mature LED technology
  • Illumination of the water jet in white
  • Electronically Touch-function – easy change of the temperature by touching the button
  • Temperature indication through lighted display bar (red, white, blue)
  • Changes by touching the button
  • Welcome-function (remote detection), light elements flashes white
  • Infrared-sensors with automatic setting feature
  • Electronic microprocessor
  • Follow-up time and sensor sensitivity adjustable
  • Continuous water flow time and temporary-off adjustable
  • Installation similar to conventional single-lever tap
  • Operating pressure: 0,3 – 10 bar
  • Flow rate: approx. 2l/min. 2-row jet piece (3 bar)
  • Max. water temperature: 80° C
  • Aerator: raindrop-aerator
  • Flexible hoses: 35 cm
  • Angle valve connection: G 3/8´´
  • Filters: 0,5 mm mesh size
  • Sensor-sensitivity: automatic self-adapting sensor technology
  • Follow-up time: 2 sec. pre-set (adjustable 1 – 7 sec.)
  • Continuous water flow: 2 min. pre-set
  • (adjustable 1 – 7 min.)
  • Temporary-off: 2 min. (adjustable 1 – 7 min.)
  • Engineering standards: DIN EN 200;CE

Senso is the only faucet of its kind with two infrared sensors. It welcomes the user by lighting up and automatically starts the water flow when your hands approach.

With the innovative touch screen function light touch on the side keys individually sets the temperature. The soft water jet feels pleasant on the skin and thankfully its very elegant lighting.


Welcome to a new dimension of washing hands. First the Senso tap recognises the
user when approaching by a white flash of the side buttons. Even after using it doesn’t just switch off, but adopts smooth dimming. If desirable there remains an adequate low-light which acts as night lighting, which these functions make technically possible, by the two patented infrared sensors, with which Senso is equipped.

CONTI+ Sensor Sensor Tap | Cloakroom Solutions


Just hold out your hands and enjoy. Contactless. Comfortable. Hygienic. Water runs just as long as it is needed. Once the hands are removed the Senso sensor-controled valve stops the water flow. This reduces water consumption considerably. To protect against improper use Senso is equipped with additional safety features. It stops automatically after three minutes the water flow.


A cast of sparkling water pearls. The water jet is pure innovation. A unique soft rain water revives the palm and back. Its subtle white lighting gives the impressive source of water. Despite the rich stream Senso only uses four litres per minute, exemplary ecological. And technologically revolutionary. For the first time the revolutionary shower head can be used to clean the shower simply by rubbing off lime deposits.


Intuitively, the perfect temperature. With the start of the rain water and the side buttons to light up temperature setting. The classic colours of blue and red convey intuitively that by setting the light touch the desired heat can be achieved. A longer touch the keys may direct the predefined maximum or minimum is appropriate. An elegant strip of light shows the current cold/warm settings.


Comfortable with special functions. Lightly depressing the side buttons for a short while replaces the pause function. With its proximity to the water flow is shut off. For example, to clean the sink. A permanent water flow can be prolonged by simultaneous touching the two side buttons. After a certain time or renewed touch of a button switches the valve back to normal operation.


Luxurious yet easily installed. Despite its sophisticated technology Senso can be installed as easily as a classical one-hand mixer. In an elegant small electronic box is hidden the intelligent control. The many individual setting options can be made easily on site without tools. Should requirements become necessary the parameters can be adjusted by the use of a mobile phone or Internet.

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