R.8235 Wardrobe Rail

The R.8235 wardrobe rail is designed to fix to the underside of a shelf or the ceiling of your wardrobe space.

  • Product reference: R.8235
  • Standard finish silver anodised, alternative finishes available.
  • Chrome plated solid steel  hangers on individual carriers
  • Customised rail length & hanger capacity
  • Option for numbering & issue tags.
  • Hangers can be made captive if required
  • Dimensions: Rail 26mm x 18mm


Anodised finish C0 Natural Silver | Cloakroom Solutions
Anodised C0 Silver (standard)
Anodised finish C32 Light Bronze | Cloakroom Solutions
Anodised C32 Light Bronze
Anodised finish C33 Mid Bronze | Cloakroom Solutions
Anodised C33 Mid Bronze
Anodised finish C34 Dark Bronze | Cloakroom Solutions
Anodised C34 Dark Bronze
Anodised finish C35 Black | Cloakroom Solutions
Anodised C35 Black
RAL Colours | Cloakroom Solutions
Power Coated RAL Colours

As standard all rail profiles are supplied in a natural silver anodised finish. On request we are also able to provide a bronze range of anodising from light bronze to black as illustrated.

The rails can also be powder coated to any RAL colour. 

R8235 Wardrobe Rail | Cloakroom Solutions
R8235 Wardrobe Rail | Cloakroom Solutions


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