RG40S Mobile Coat Rack

The RG40S mobile coat rack is finished in silver anodised aluminium with options to suit all requirements.

With various hook permutations the rack can be purpose built to meet your individual requirements.

Available with or without an umbrella rack and can be a maximum continuous length of up to 2060mm. Where longer versions are required a central support can be included.

Numbered rails and issue tags are also available.


For price and availability:


  1. 2 Fold Hooks
  2. Alternate 2 & 3 Fold Hooks & Hat Hooks
  3. 3 Fold Hooks & Hat Hooks
  4. Rectangular profile 65mm x 22mm
  5. Oval profile 68mm x 28mm
  6. Tube 40mm dia x 600mm foot
  7. Oval 68mm x 28mm x 600mm foot
  8. Floor mounting static foot
  9. Rectangle 65mm x 22mm x 600mm foot


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