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All of the oXan™ range tested independently to kill 99.99% bacteria, virus, germs & pathogens.

CONTI+ Elegance Soap Dispenser

CONTI+ | Cloakroom Solutions

The CONTI+ Elegance wall mounted touchless soap dispenser for liquid soap or disinfectant.


Liquid Soap ref: CONT17500810717

Disinfectant ref: CONT17500810718



  • For wall mounting
  • Casing made of impact-resistant plastic, white
  • With level indicator
  • Special key for locking
  • Ready for activation in closed state
  • Activation distance: 1 to 8 cm
  • Dosage: 1 ml
CONTI+ Elegance Sanitiser Dispenser dimensions | Cloakroom Solutions

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