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WRAS Approved

CONTI+ IQ Sensor Tap

Th IQ touch-free, electronically controlled sensor tap, with or without mixer.

A sturdy modular design without a separate installation box, in a polished chrome finish.

This popular water saver has become a classic thanks to its sleek shape and remarkable sensor eye. Innovative technology, a pleasing design and an unsurpassed variety of usage make this line of faucets a favourite among professionals. Whether for commercial, public or private use, CONTI offers the right choice for every application.


Infrared double-sensor technology works three-dimensionally. Upon recognizing an object, the digital micro-electronic sensor promptly turns the water on. Water only runs when needed – reliably and conveniently. An intelligent, logical design prevents malfunctions.

click – this unique, patented touch button adds such practical features as “temporary-off” for undisturbed cleaning or “permanent-on” for convenient filling of the sink by “continuous run”.

Additionally a 24-hour hygienic rinse can be activated.

technology – special valve technology ensures many years of reliable operation, lasting several million uses with assured shut-off functionality. Due to sturdy construction and durable finishes, this faucet line is an ideal choice for locations where vandalism is a concern. The compact design and sophisticated details enable easy installation and maintenance, just as easy as with conventional faucets.


  • WRAS Approved
  • Modular single-piece design, without separate installation box, sturdy metal housing in a polished chrome finish
  • Dual infrared sensors with automatic setting feature, electronic microprocessor
  • Reliable solenoid valve (minimal level of water pressure surge) and economy aerator
  • Water supply connection with flexible high-pressure hoses
    · check valves and built-in filters
  • Temperature adjustable or fixable (vandal-proof construction)
  • Scald protection adjustable
  • Temporary-off (cleaning) and continuous water flow time (filling of basin) activated by function key
  • Continuous water flow time and hygienic rinse water flow time adjustable with function key
  • Follow-up time and sensor sensitivity adjustable with function key
  • 12, 24 or 48-hour hygienic rinse activatable with function key
  • Installation similar to conventional single-lever faucet
  • Compatible service monitor: control of stored operational data, settings and control functions

Technical Data:

  • Operating pressure: 0,3 – 10 bar
  • Flow rate: approx. 6 l/min. (3 bar)
  • Max. water temperature: 80° C
  • Aerator: economy aerator, cascade (self-cleaning)
  • Flexible hose: 35 cm
  • Angle valve connection: G 3/8´´
  • Filter: 0.5 mm mesh size
  • Sensor-sensitivity: automatic self-adapting sensor technology
  • Follow-up time: 1 sec. pre-set (adjustable with iqua-click 0 – 10 sec)
  • Continuous water flow
    and hygienic rinse time: 2 min. pre-set (adjustable with iqua-click 0,5 – 20 min.)
  • Temporary-off: 2 min. (fixed)
  • Engineering standards: DIN EN 200; Noise class I; P-IX 9576 / IA;CE

A10 – With Mixer

A20 – Without Mixer

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