FS70x28-5.2 Floor Fixed Hook Rail

The FS70x28-5.2 floor fixed double height hook rails, offer the additional capacity with quadruple hooks on twin rails. Made from high quality aluminium components.  

  • Product reference: FS70x28.5.2
  • Customised rail length & hanger capacity
  • Quadruple satin anodised aluminium hook profiles
  • Option for numbering & issue tags.
  • The hangers can also be made captive when if required.
  • Standard finish silver anodised, alternative finishes available.
  • Free standing version available
  • Mobile version available


Anodised finish C0 Natural Silver | Cloakroom Solutions
Anodised C0 Silver (standard)
Anodised finish C32 Light Bronze | Cloakroom Solutions
Anodised C32 Light Bronze
Anodised finish C33 Mid Bronze | Cloakroom Solutions
Anodised C33 Mid Bronze
Anodised finish C34 Dark Bronze | Cloakroom Solutions
Anodised C34 Dark Bronze
Anodised finish C35 Black | Cloakroom Solutions
Anodised C35 Black
RAL Colours | Cloakroom Solutions
Power Coated RAL Colours

As standard all rail profiles are supplied in a natural silver anodised finish. On request we are also able to provide a bronze range of anodising from light bronze to black as illustrated.

The rails can also be powder coated to any RAL colour. However we recommend the hooks remain an anodised finish to avoid wear over time.


  • Profile: 70mm x 28mm anodised aluminium
  • Unsupported lengths up to 2500mm
  • Mid support posts for longer rail requirements
  • Single rail 
  • Double rail
  • Supplied as standard with SAA quadruple hooks every 80-100mm.
  • Numbering and issue tags are  available. 
  • Hanger option also available

For longer lengths, additional support posts are required.

Floor fixed:

  • Floor fixed foot 
  • Variable height & length
  • Single height hook rails available

Ref: FS70x28-5.2

Numbering & Issue Tags:

  • Aluminium issue tags with engraved numbering neatly slotted onto the quadruple hooks.
  • Engraved numbering on the rail profile.


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FS70x28-1.2 Floor Mounted Hook Rail
FS70x28.9.2 Floor to Wall Mounted Coat Hook Rail | Cloakroom Solutions
FS70x28-9.2 Free Standing Coat Rail
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