WG240 Wardrobe Rail & Shelf

WG240 wardrobe rail & shelf provides the ability to combine the classic coat hooks with stylish coat hangers.

With various hook or hanger options all available with numbering and issue tags where required.


For price and availability:


  • Shelf profile 240mm x 40mm
  • Projection: 292mm
  • Projection with hanger: 500mm
  • Length: Made to suit your requirements.
  • Shelf profile in silver anodised finish
  • Hooks silver anodised
  • Coat hangers in polished chrome and available with captive pins if required
  • Numbering & issue tags available

Hook Options:

  1. Hanger hooks to front with coat hook at rear
  2. Single hook to front with double hook at rear
  3. 2-fold hook to the front
  4. Double profile hook front and rear
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