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PHOS SR Towel Racks

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The PHOS SR Towel racks with one or two levels made from solid stainless steel.


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  • Wall mounted
  • Single or double levels
  • Each level with 4 crossbars
  • Hand ground solid stainless steel in a brushed finish
  • Custom made width & height possible.


PHOS SR 1W-B Towel Rack | Cloakroom Solutionns


SR-1W-B Dimensions:

  • SR600-1W-B:   Overall width 655mm
  • SR700-1W-B:   Overall width 755mm
  • SR800-1W-B:   Overall width 855mm
  • SR900-1W-B:   Overall width 955mm
  • SR1000-1W-B:  Overall width 1055mm



PHOS SR800 1W-B Dimensions | Cloakroom Solutions


SR-2W-B Dimensions:

  • SR600-2W-B:   Overall width 620mm
  • SR700-2W-B:   Overall width 720mm
  • SR800-2W-B:   Overall width 820mm
  • SR900-2W-B:   Overall width 920mm
  • SR1000-2W-B:  Overall width 1020mm



PHOS SR800 2W-B Dimensions | Cloakroom Solutions


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